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Network Management

We serves a very strong Network Integration and Troubleshooting with strengths in routing, switching, security, wireless, load-balancing, voice & structured cabling. With a dedicated networking force of our professionals.

Routing : In routing part we will identify, design and solve the issues using static and dynamic routing protocols like RIP, RIP2, OSPF, IGRP, EIGRP and BGP.

We have an array of experiences of producing Restaurant Management Softwares, Office Management Softwares, Lawyers Management Software, School Management Softwares and many other types of software for numerous organizations.

The ease in operations, efficacious work flow, flexibility of ideas, collaborative developmental approach has helped us being one of the most competitive software development companies among big cities. Excel Technovation render quality assured testing process, internet security and maintain and 24*7 support services which makes us the trend setters of this industry.

  • Properties
  • Shortest
  • Path Routing
  • Distance Vector Routing
  • Flooding
  • Link State routing
  • Hierarchical routing
  • Broadcast routing
  • Multicast routing
  • Routing for mobile hosts
  • Routing in Ad Hoc Networks
  • Node Lookup in Peer-to-Peer Networks

Switching :

In switching part we will identify design and solve the issues using managed switching with Static and Dynamic VLANs, access lists, inter VLAN routing using STP, VTP, Link aggregation and port aggregation.

Static VLANs :

Configured port-by-port, with each port being associated with a particular VLAN The network administrator manually types in the mapping for each port and VLAN

Dynamic VLANs :

Ports can automatically determine their VLAN configuration Uses a software database of MAC address-to-VLAN mappings that is created manually.

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